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Kathrine Switzer: First Woman to Enter the Boston Marathon

Published on May 15, 2012

Kathrine Switzer on the prejudices women athletes faced, her historic Boston Marathon run, and the doors it opened for other women athletes.

Kathrine Switzer wasn't the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, but her presence as an official entrant made her a visible and potent threat to the sports world's status quo. The simple gesture exploded when an official attacked Switzer on the course. The incident was broadcasted worldwide and put a shocking face on the hostility to women's full participation in athletics. Her 38 subsequent marathons (she's still running them) include a win in New York in 1974. She led the successful drive to get the women's race into the Olympic Games, has won an Emmy for her TV commentary, and is the author of three books, including her memoir, Marathon Woman. Switzer's ongoing campaign to help women around the globe empower themselves through the simple act of running made her a 2011 Inductee into the National Women's Hall of Fame.

First Sight: Sonia & Anita

Two Blind Sisters See For The First Time

Published on Jun 9, 2014

Blue Chalk traveled to India and documented the story of two sisters, both born blind, and followed them through the emotional process of receiving their surgeries and seeing for the first time. Working with a top-tier creative team including photographer Brent Stirton, cinematographer Robert Wilson, editor Greg Snider, music composer Tyler Strickland and executive producer Rob Finch, Blue Chalk created a short-form video in several different formats to support its fundraising efforts as well as a library of high-quality still images that WonderWork can use in printed direct mail pieces.

The video and stills documenting their story will support 20/20/20, a WonderWork charity that aims to bring 20/20 vision to the 20 million in need. (

Pete's Ice Bucket Challenge

Tue Aug 26, 2014, 9:26 AM

Published on Aug 17, 2014

"SC Featured" tells the story of former Boston College captain Peter Frates, who inspired the "Ice Bucket Challenge" phenomenon that has raised awareness -- and over $10 million -- for ALS.

What It's Like To Go Blind

Sun Aug 10, 2014, 8:27 PM

Published on Aug 8, 2014
What it’s like living with Macular Degeneration.


Logo Tpa Zebrapad By Annieta Photography D5d77 By  by lightdrafter

     Let me introduce you the star of this feature, Bassem or as you may know him :iconbatmantoo:. Why Bassem? Because!! 
Because I like his status of down to the earth man. No high altitudes, turbulence or drama.. Simple everyday life and tranquil moments of beauty. Mary, I believe, would describe his works as slow photography, but maybe I'm wrong. All I know for sure is the fact he enjoys photography a lot and the simple process of finding, framing and creating brings him joy. And that is all that matters!
Also, I wanted to get to know him a little better..

     Bassem has helped my busy schedule too.. I have asked him to write a 'bio' of himself, something he would like you to know about him..

Don't forget to show him your support by clicking the icon above, commenting his works and while you there leave a lot of these :+fav:!!

     Bassem: I was born in Lebanon and raised in Austria and Egypt. My family background is too complex to go into here and frankly irrelevant to me being a photographer. However, I feel it is of value to mention that I am influenced by Egyptian, Arabic, Austrian, German, English, American and French culture and heritage. By Education I am a mechanical engineer and computer scientist, by profession a systems analyst and software developer. I live both in Vienna, Austria and Munich, Germany… not at the same time. ;) (Wink) I am Austrian by nationality, but lived most of my life in other countries… there is no single place I would call home (having been a refugee), but several where I got homely.

As far back as I can remember, it’s far, I’m 50, I have been a visually fixated person. Due to my dyslexia I never became an avid reader or writer for that matter (when I read I listen to audiobooks). I never learned to play an instrument, but am very much into music appreciation and dance. Movies are my thing, though.

Movies, movies, movies… from Hollywood to Bollywood, just can’t get enough. Yes, it was my dream to study at a film school. Photography was my attempt at learning how to frame and capture a story. Circumstances did not allow for me to follow my dream, but I held firm to my camera. So I took courses in film appreciation and photography at university… being able to take such courses for credits towards graduation is something I loved about the American University in Cairo (Egypt).

My first serious camera was a Nikon FE2 with both a 35 and an 85mm lens, which I got from my father beginning of the 80’s of the last century. I developed my own b&w film and enlarged my prints, and shot many slides as well. In the courses I took I was introduced to the most well-known photographers of the time, there was much inspiration and fascination to be found, but only one photographer I could instantly relate to: Henri Cartier-Bresson. I love how he could capture the spirit of a moment, forever real and surreal!

Cartier-Bresson in photography and Jean-Luc Godard in film were the greatest influences when I started shooting. I tried my hand at all genres of photography, and still do, but street and nature are the two which move me the most. Street is the sport, nature is Zen. Though these two are quite different, in both I try to capture a feeling. Of course street is also a situation “thing”, and I do enjoy shooting and watching this kind of street. In all cases though I believe in the “decisive instant”, when all elements converge… the anticipation, the trill, click!

All I can hope to achieve is that the viewer is transported to share and feel this moment with me.

Prater 3 by batmantoo  Last Summer In Rovinj by batmantoo  

Praterstern Exit by batmantoo  Prater by batmantoo 
 Volksgarten by batmantoo  Curls by batmantoo  

Reminiscing by batmantoo  Zentral 6039 1 by batmantoo  
Two on the Town by batmantoo  In Your Ear by batmantoo  Franz West 1 by batmantoo
Steinstrasse by batmantoo  Neumarkt Construction Site by batmantoo
Last Summer in Rovinj 2 by batmantoo  Heldenplatz by batmantoo
Zen Garden by batmantoo  RED by batmantoo
Asphalt Kids by batmantoo  The Fan club by batmantoo

...and many more here :iconbatmantoo:

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The People Avenue


Recent Journal Entries


The People Avenue is the place to meet real people. As the name says: the focus of the group is on human beings, in all it's facets. We are a photography-ONLY group.


This folder is for all pictures, that are made in a studio/studio performance/setting or for which someone has posed.
DA categories: Fashion, Glamour, Self-portraits, Classic, Emotive and Pin ups.
The legal definition of "child" generally refers to a minor, otherwise known as a person younger than the age of majority.

- Children
- Infants: babies, toddlers.
-Teenagers/Adolescents (not yet coming of age)


This folder is for all photo’s that belongs in the following categories:
- Street Photography
- Photojournalism
- Urban and Rural Portraits

STREET PHOTOGRAPHY is NOT about streets. It's not about staged moments, people posing, friends acting cool in a back-alley.It's mostly about the correlations between humans and the environment. Between humans and other humans and other living creatures. How we function in society, how we stand, how we act, mainly how we act without being aware that we are being seen. Street photography heavily relies in the decisive moment. So timing = special.
More info here: Street Photography
PHOTOJOURNALISM: is a particular form of journalism (the collecting, editing, and presenting of news material for publication or broadcast) that creates images in order to tell a news story.
Urban AND RURAL PORTRAITS: NO images of buildings, rural/city environment without the focus on people.

Candid Street Portraiture is a sub-category of Street Photography.

CANDID PORTRAITURE STREET: Working in the face of strangers, street portraiture pushes the boundaries of personal spaces and, for that matter, the photographer’s own comfort zone. It's all about candid shooting, getting in close to the subject with the subject unaware of the camera. The portrait can be just the face or whole body & all in between. Framing & composition are important but in a relaxed way.
The best of these portraits capture emotions as the story of the subject unfolds before you.
SPONTANEOUS PORTRAITS: not posed, but not candid either. The person is aware of the camera.

This folder is for:
- CONCEPTUAL: Contemporary artistic representations of a specific concept or idea.

Photos are welcome in b/w and color, digital or analog.
All submissions need 3 positive votes before accepted and must be submitted into the correct folders.
Members are allowed 3 images a week and they can also suggest 2 favourites (favourites must NOT be your own work).


What we want:

- WE GO FOR QUALITY INSTEAD OF QUANTITY! So, only submit your best :)

What is not allowed:

- Images with big and intrusive watermarks (including the DA watermark). You can add your signature instead on a discret place.
- Blurry/out-of-focus/soft images.
- Images which are of snapshot quality
- Horror, macabre and shocking images.
- Racism, hate or discrimination in any form.
- Embarrassing photo's of people.
- nudity in all forms.
- Suggesting to favorite must NOT be your own work. If so, it will be declined.


It would be great if you'd join us. Join-request are now automatically approved.:D

Of course you are also welcome to WATCH our group, if you like us and want to learn all about people photography, before you join us or you simply want to enjoy what's in our folders. Please do :)